VIVA Towers houses a dynamic tenant mix, reflecting a distinguished blend of leading international and local brands. These cater to ​the conventional as well as more eclectic lifestyle trends.

Conveniently located in the business district, VIVA Towers has dedicated an entire 3 floors to prestigious corporate offices. With ​broadband internet, centralized air conditioning, 24hr security and secured visitor parking, the offices are perfect for the discerning ​entrepreneur.

With 86 apartments spanning over 12 floors, VIVA Towers offers you a selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

Fully furnished with the state-of-the-art equipment and furniture, these apartments have the finest international finishes for the ​eclectic home owner. Inquire with us for a private viewing.

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At your convenience, please contact us for a private viewing.

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Our mission is to enhance the lives of our tenants by providing sustainable and inclusive living and working environments. We prioritize resident and tenant satisfaction through thoughtful design, prioritize sustainability in all aspects operations, strive for innovation and excellence, and uphold professionalism and ethics in our relationships with all stakeholders.

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At VIVA Towers, we envision creating an unparalleled living and working experience that harmoniously blends modern design, sustainability, and community engagement. We strive to redefine the standard of excellence in the real estate industry by consistently delivering high standards of service that inspire and uplift the lives of our residents and tenants.

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VIVA Towers is driven by core values that emphasize excellence, customer-centricity, integrity, inclusivity, and safety. We focus on delivering exceptional quality, prioritizing the needs of our residents and tenants, fostering trust through open communication, celebrating diversity, and maintaining high safety standards for our community.

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