That brand new closeted lesbians inside Movie industry and you may enjoyment industry? (Speculations and you will rumours)

That brand new closeted lesbians inside Movie industry and you may enjoyment industry? (Speculations and you will rumours)

I believe perhaps Sandra Bullock. as to the reasons more perform she wed Jesse, but so you’re able to beard and to greatly enhance their group of fans? I think she next followed as an alternative immediately following Jesse blew right up.

Jessica Biel needless to say, folks accustomed discover she was good lesbian, following she been marrying, deal with the guys she marries is actually homosexual.

Sophia Bush got you to definitely Kenny Chesney design quickie relationships and you will breakup, all the very odd, Really don’t think he try homosexual which could’ve already been an effective coverup for her?

If or not Oprah and you may Gayle are banging or not, in virtually any other way the dating matches lesbianism thus i am as well as her or him

Emma Stone’s favorite perfume are Ham de- la Blinds, the girl moist nostrils aglow on it, laughing and you can lapping inside the a red canoe. Grab an effective sniff, Taylor Quick!

R15 Sophia Bush is not. My cousin helped with the newest Public relations of any type of terrible show she did a while straight back (Chi town Flame?) with his job was to agenda rooms in hotels. It absolutely was continued the DL but folk understood she are sleeping along with a relationship together with her men costar. I do believe afterwards they in the long run ran social inside.

I would personally always understand basic facts about Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, and you will Jane Fonda. They are already and make a film together. Will it be one particular lesbionic shed due to the fact 9 so you’re able to 5?

China Argento has been married double possesses a few children. perhaps she actually is bi. however, she’s apparently relationship Antonio Banderas today.

[quote]China Argento could have been hitched twice features two people. perhaps she actually is bi. but she’s apparently relationships Antonio Banderas today.

There were gossip you to definitely Lauren Graham is fucking Connie Britton when they existed together on mid 1990s in New york.

If Oprah and you can Gayle are banging or otherwise not, in just about any other means the relationship is equivalent to lesbianism so i’m and him or her

I believe one to nutcase Sara Ramirez out-of Grey’s Structure was good complete lesbian. But, she is hiding at the rear of “I’m bi” title.

[Quote] Sophia Plant got you to Kenny Chesney build quickie wedding and you may breakup, all really strange, Really don’t thought he was homosexual that it could’ve become a great coverup on her?

Try Ilana Glazer bi inside real life? She plays an excellent bisexual into the Greater Town. We saw Crude Evening and she performs an effective bisexual otherwise lesbian where. She seems to enjoy playing those individuals roles.

We starred in the a celebrity softball games in years past getting foundation. Following games, Linda Hamilton shook my personal give so hard. This is pre Terminator. We saw this lady ages later on a restaurant. She leftover looking at myself. Perhaps she remembered trembling my hand so hard. I’m not a high profile, only regarding biz.

R67 Janelle isn’t really on cupboard, just one of those individuals Joan Jett “I am not saying planning state yes if any” someone.

R95 The woman specialized several-bearding strategies are very dumb. This new worst one to are pretending scorned for two many years immediately after a beneficial thirty days showmance with Appearance at the same time palling up to together with most other “exes” Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. Or the that in which Jake Grams took the woman virginity and that. hahah.

r79, BBW dating app Zero so you can Hillary Swank, she do ping however, she’s hooked up that have a giggol. What i’m saying is golf specialist from the lady bar from the Palisades. It recently get married.

Whether Oprah and you will Gayle is banging or not, in any other method its relationship matches lesbianism therefore i’m as well as her or him

I think Looney got a great flingette with Casey Affleck several of years ago (he could be a keen onscreen partners once more about Ghost).

china argento said she is bi, up coming got kids off two different males, next said she are making guys forever, up coming she started relationship one cook. i do believe she bangs whoever catches the girl eye.

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