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Accounting Software: Email Settings In Xero

The integration, therefore, creates a bill in Xero to account for Zettle fees. The payment for Zettle fees will be applied to the account used for Zettle card payments . You can also import your contacts—both customers and suppliers—into Xero. Imported contacts are categorized automatically into the All contact group when first created.

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  • Enter your Xero login details, then select which Xero organisation Zettle can access and select Authorise.
  • Please note that for use of the Reconciliation features in Xero, this should be selected as your ‘Payments’ account in PracSuite.
  • The rule above will catch the majority of invoices but you may need to adapt this for any of your suppliers who use other words in the subject.
  • If you do not see the ‘Organisation’ drop-down at the top of this screen, it means you only have a single organisation available in Xero and it has been selected automatically.

Select a Default sales account for sales to sync to in your accounting software. All sales will post to this account unless individually mapped in the next step. Invoice fees are pushed in a similar Accounting Software: Email Settings In Xero way to standard Zettle card fees (see “Fees” above). A bill is pushed, recorded against the Zettle fees supplier as a single line item, with the expense account set to the Invoice fees account.

Extract Invoice from your email attachment to Xero

It will show up as a transfer from Zettle’s liquid account to your business’s bank account. Deposits are booked on a nominal account that represents the bank account you’ve connected to Zettle. Zettle pushes a single purchase invoice to Xero each day.

Accounting Software: Email Settings In Xero

This is often due to a mismatch of tax rate settings between your Zettle account and Xero account. If you are actively using one or more tax rates, please make sure to set up the tax rates in both your Zettle and Xero accounts. You can then view and configure the tax rates in your Zettle account and map them to your Xero account.

Xero Tracking Categories (at a client level)

If your file includes account balances, these will overwrite any existing balances or coded transactions you have in Xero. If you don’t want to overwrite them or you’re unsure, leave the Balance column in the import file blank. Xero allows you to add unlimited users and accountants to your company, free of charge.

Accounting Software: Email Settings In Xero

You will be asked whether to delete or keep the demo data. Log in on your phone, your tablet, your MAC or your PC. Select a tax account or tax code to map each Lightspeed tax rate to.

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