Malaysia Wedding Customs

Malaysia is a melting jar of different ethnicities, making for any flurry of wedding practices. From Chinese language to Indian, to Muslim, you name it — each way of life has its own unique way of celebrating.

Malay Events

A Malay engagement is known as a formal affair that is like a mini-wedding. It’s a celebration that includes gifts and flowers in abundance. Usually organised in the bride-to-be’s property, it’s a chance for friends and relations to meet and discuss the wedding details.


During the merisik, an elder from your groom’s spouse and children visits the bride’s house to find out any time she is looking forward to marriage. This kind of is a crucial section of the Malay wedding process, and it’s never to be raced into.

Proposal or Meminang

When the girl is able to marry, she’ll receive a proposal from a great elder inside the groom’s family group. This is a crucial part of the procedure because it displays respect for the bride’s family.

Bertunang or Involvement

Once a decision has been reached, both equally families enroll in an proposal ceremony to switch betrothal products. These include jewelry, clothing, and food. Sometimes mas kahwin (a sum of international dating for filipina women money to help the couple start out their life together) is also sent at this time.


A traditional Malay marriage tradition, bersanding signifies the formal acceptance of the newly married couple by their guests. In this ceremony, guests sprinkle floral petals and yellow grain grains within the new couple.

Kompang Entrance

One of the memorable elements of a Malay wedding may be the kompang entry. As the groom arrives at the wedding place, he can escorted by men in traditional tinsel-paper palm blossoms. This is and then conquering drums within the kompang. This provides you with the marriage venue a festive atmosphere and is certain to impress your guests!

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