How to compliment a guy on his personality

Compliment his efforts and a job well done.When a man puts in the effort to work on something, he will appreciate it if you validate a job well done. Compliments such as“You did a great job,”or“It’s amazing how hard you work,”are compliments that show him that he must be doing something right and that you appreciate it. Maybe he’s out with the boys, or he’s at work. There is only one reason a man would send you pictures of hisfriends, and that’s because he likes you a lot and he’s thinking about making things official. Or, “Is this someone you’re dating? ” Here are six ways to respond when a guy sends you a picture of another girl.

  • Giving your boyfriend sweet compliments shows him how much you care, respect, and appreciate his existence in your life.
  • How to compliment a guy on his personality?
  • Particularly if these skills are tied to a man’s gender roles, compliments validate his masculinity, which will make him more self-confident and motivated to do even better.
  • The holidays will soon arrive, and wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to share them with!?

You are magnetic, and people are drawn to your beautiful energy. You always see the best in others—your positive spirit reminds me to search for the good in the world, too. I love how you treat animals with such kindness and compassion; meet Chinese women it’s no surprise that you are loved by all creatures who encounter you. You are bold and not deterred by the idea of failure; in fact, those experiences have made you the strong and knowledgeable person you are today. I appreciate how much you allow others to feel their feelings without judgment. You always make sure everyone in the room is heard—no one feels lonely or left out when you are around.

So if you compliment your guy friend the next time you see him, he’ll deeply appreciate it, even if he doesn’t say it out loud. As per relationship experts, a lot of time people overlook deep efforts.

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“You’re a hard worker” is never enough to appreciate someone’s professional achievements. Know what exactly they did and why it’s praise-worthy to avoid awkward situations. Since forever, society stereotyped men to work and women to take care of the household. Just as women hardly received acknowledgment for managing domestic affairs, men also hardly received any validation for their hard work. If you love his fashion sense and try to incorporate it into your own life, show up to him with one such outfit and let him know.

Your smile would surely make your man or the guy you like to smile even bigger after hearing your compliment. If you’re overthinking about the compliment, don’t.

Compliment every time he says something good in public. Appreciating these small moments can mean a lot to him and also strengthens the relationship. A simple compliment like, ‘You won everyone’s heart with that speech.

#3: The Classic Physical Compliment

That doesn’t mean you have to think your guy is a stand-up comedian just because he amuses himself. Not having gone to an elite college. She desperately wanted me to read her senior thesis and acknowledge her intelligence, but I was too young and stupid to see the importance of offering her this validation. You can learn from my mistakes.

We bring you some tips and ways to compliment a guy and bring a smile to his face. Girls aren’t the only ones that want to hear their body looks amazing. The difference here is the way you talk about how great his body is. Even if his body needs work, you should always mention that you like it because guys are self-conscious about their bodies just as much as girls are. Instead of telling him his body is really nice and appealing, slap his butt or whistle as he walks by you shirtless. He can totally relate to these kinds of compliments because this is, after all, how he would compliment you.

If you want to reveal any more than five Compliments in a day, you can sign up to our paid Bumble Premium subscription for an unlimited number of reveals in your Beeline. Dan has already helped 1,000s of guys to get instant results with women and he would love to help you too. Many guys are afraid of expressing love out of a fear of it being rejected. They’ve most-likely tried to express love for women before, but have made the mistake of doing so before they even made her feel attracted to them. Your compliment has so much more meaning and value because she is attracted to you too.

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