Question About Property

General QA

How do I pay rent?

Rent can be paid in cash at our account’s office or via bank deposit/transfer. Our account details can be found on a copy of our lease agreements and any invoices issued out to prospective and current tenants.

Can a landlord raise my rent during my stay?

After the lease term ends the rent is subject to  review at the landlords discretion.  If you would like to discuss your rental and lease renewal, kindly set an appointment with the management team.

What is my security deposit for?

The security deposit is a set amount of money that we take from you as collateral for the structural integrity and cleanliness of the property. In other words, this money is set aside to inspire tenants to take good care of their rental property, and if you don’t, it gives us the opportunity to recoup those losses.

How do I get my security deposit back?

If you keep the house in good condition and don’t inflict any damages on the property, then you will get your security deposit back at the end of your lease. To ensure there are no misunderstanding we will go through a list of the furniture and items in the property to make sure they are all present and intact, this is done twice when a tenant occupies and vacates a property.

What are utilities and how are they paid for?

Utilities are the basics you need in any housing unit: water, sewerage and garbage. These bills are included in your rental payment invoice and are handled by your landlord. Charges for electricity, gas etc. are not included and paid for separately.

What is the difference between lease term and payment term?

It is very important to know the difference between these two terms, as they will determine how long you’ll stay at a place and how often you will pay rent.  A lease term is a fixed period that states the tenant will remain in the office, apartment or home for a pre-determined amount of time — usually a year. A payment term is how often you will pay rent; on a monthly basis, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

I want make some changes to my apartment decor. How far can I go?

Making simple aesthetic changes, like swapping furniture, is not a problem (unless you rented a furnished unit). However, if you want to make changes to the apartment itself — like painting or mounting some shelves on the wall — you will need to check the terms of your lease.  Keep in mind that when vacating an office or apartment at the end of your lease, any permanent changes that need to be removed or have caused any damage may forfeit your security deposit.

Someone has been staying at my place for a long period of time. How does this work?

Check your lease terms guest policy for how long people not on the lease are allowed to stay on the premises. Or the maximum capacity of tenants allowed to occupy the apartment for the duration of your lease.

Can I have a pet in the building?

Common household pets such as dogs, cats, parrots etc. are allowed. Pets that are deemed dangerous to other tenants will have to be removed from the premises.

Where is my parking space?

For our Residential tenants, a parking space will be allocated to you once you move into one of our apartments, and will be marked by your apartment number. Commercial tenants are not allocated a parking space unless they choose to lease one from us.

Covid-19 QA

How often is the building sanitized and fumigated?

The building is sanitized on a weekly basis and fumigated once every month.

Maintenance during Covid-19?

If you require maintenance in your office we will do so while upholding all of our sanitary and safety procedures.

Is management required to sanitize my apartment professionally?

This can be arranged at a time of your convenience. Simply contact the management office to set an appointment.

Can I have guests in my apartment?

At the moment we only restrict access and movement of staff that are found to have high temperatures or ill. However, we insist that any and all guests follow proper procedures such as getting their temperature taken and making use of our sanitization facilities before entering the building.

Gym and swimming pool.

The VIVA Towers Swimming-pool & Gym has been re-opened effective starting Monday, 1st June for our residents only at this time. We have been closely monitoring the situation in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak and based on this, we have initiated precautionary measures through heightened safety protocols throughout VIVA Towers premises.